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For The Dapper Only! : Tyed By Dede

This Spring: Wear Swaggerful Ties

Derrol Scarlett creates Tyed by Dede, a hip yet sharp accessories line made in Brooklyn but to be worn by men and women around the world. Monsieur Scarlet understands the power of accessory play, which is why he offers custom made bow-ties.  "Our customers are individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. They don't want the typical black or white ties. They want to custom, to create their own" says Scarlett.

Spring is all about standing out and being a show starter which is why we're digging Tyed By Dede bow-tie collection, not only are they hand made but they are reversible!  You get two bow-ties for the price of one. Some may ask, how many bow-ties can a man have? Well, just like fashionable women, dapper guys get tired of wearing the same ole things over and over. Having a variety can refresh a favorite sweater or blazer, giving an outfit a new appeal.

The Interview

MD: Why did you decide to get into fashion designing and the fashion business? 
DS: It only took me 30 years, but I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. And this is it - owning my own men’s neck wear business and bringing a splash of color blocking into wardrobes all over the world. I've been wearing bow-ties for years now and the majority of my collections are homemade ties. I started making my own bow-ties for multiple reasonsBow-ties are hard to find in storesBow-ties in stores are expensive
I don't have enough hobbies (yeah, right...)

MD: What's this inspiration behind the brand? TYED BY DeDestarted out as an idea turned into reality. What started out as a simple piece of fabric, grew into a collection.

 MD: Who is the Tyed By DeDe customer? 
DS: The TYEBy DeDcustomer is EVERYONE, from a 5 year old to an 85 year old. Our customers are individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. They don’t want the typical black or white tie. They want to custom, create their own.

MD: How does Brooklyn inspire your creations? 
DS: When you come to Brooklyn, you find a diverse sense of style in each community. As a native brooklynite, growing up in this borough was not the easiest. While having a rough childhood with a single parent, she always taught me to go after my dreams and never give up.  Brooklyn has helped me express my individuality through fashion as my art. 

MD: Who is your favorite designer? 
DS: Betsey Johnson. She inspires me as a designer in that her collections are always colorful, fun, and unique. When you see a Betsey piece, it sets itself apart. As her collections come to life, you can tell that she had fun coming up with the concepts each and every season. Oh and I love her famous cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows.

MD: Where do you love to shop?
DS: I often end up in the city or online at local boutiques such as Zara, AsosJcrew, consignment stores, and vintage shops. These stores help me to express my creative side with even a simple blazer. Once I have on a blazer, I can put an entire outfit together for just about any occasion. 

MD: What's your personal style? 
DS: A simple jeans and white t-shirtpaired with a black leather jacket represents my personal style. Simplicity is always my way of showing individuality separating me from the rest. 

MD: What's your favorite go to piece? 
DS: A nice crisp white button down shirt: You can dress it up or down.  Pair it with a cardigan or motorcycle jacket or sports coat and you’re ready for any occasion. Dinner with the pals, a night out on the town or even a casual business meeting.

MD: Who is your celebrity style crush? 
DS: It may sound cliché but I would say Kanye West. He is someone that likes to take risks and this represents TYED to the seam. He’s not afraid to buck trends and start a trend all his own.

MD: What celebrities would you like to wear your ties?
DS: I want to dress them all…LOL

MD: What makes your ties worth the wild to try? 
DS: Our custom madebow tie sets our customer apart to be an edgy individual. We paycareful attention in selecting only the best quality fabricA TYDE By DeDe customer won’t have to worry about attending any event and having 20 people in the same tie: don’t you hate that? Lol. You pick the fabric and we'll do the rest. No more expensive bow ties and clip on's.

Interviewed by Quanasia Graham "Madame Q" 

Don't wear ties? Is it because you have a hard time? Well no worries Tyed By Dede has a suave guide.

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